Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Two for Two

I had the weekly golf outing with my father this morning. The weather was beautiful and we were both crushing the ball off the tee. More importantly though, this makes two weeks in a row that he didn't ask about my money situation or love life. I walked into work feeling wonderful.

The only thing that bothers me is that he didn't ask about my progress on Rock Band either ... I don't think he's supporting my imaginary drumming career.


Chuckles said...

He's probably nervously working up the courage to ask you if he can be the frontman of your band, give him some time.

A lot of parents have a hard time asking or caring about hobbies or activities you're involved in that they have no interest in, or cannot understand, but if I remember, he's given it a go, your whole family has actually. I can't even PICTURE my family all playing a video game together.

Sten said...

It's true, Chuckles ... My father plays a mean fake guitar.

DJ lady said...

I'm sure he can probably hear how incredibly awesome you are on the drums!!!! He's just waiting for your debut on stage!!