Monday, September 15, 2008

The wedding weekend, part 1: The trip.

The sky was cloudy and the air was crisp. I loaded up the car with both luggage and people and headed towards the Taconic Parkway.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I became a reverend online so I could perform a friend's wedding ceremony. That ceremony took place this weekend up near Burlington, Vermont.

The trip began early Friday morning. (Which is a wee bit painful for me – some one who doesn't even get up for work until 11 a.m.) I shook awake my travel companions, two old college friends who live in NYC and needed to hitch a ride. They are both attractive women ... that became a bit of a problem on the road.

We're driving up the parkway ... I've got my trusty GPS counting down the miles while the front seat passenger, Erica, is scanning the radio for a clear station. Then abruptly, a green jeep, who had been leisurely passing us, cuts in front on my car and slows down. I had to hit on the brakes and switch into the left lane.

Now, this really ticks me off because I was driving with cruise control. I HATE having to reset my cruise control.

I hear a giggle from the back... then a "Sorry." Ariel, the backseat passenger had thrown the unassuming Jeep driving young man a flirtatious smile. As we passed by him on the left I looked over and sure enough, he's smiling and tipping his baseball hat at her.

OK, cute, fine. We drive in front. I switch over to the right lane. "Jeep boy" speeds up and drives along side for a bit – cuts in front and slows down again.

"I see your little game 'Jeep boy'".

There is a part of me that would have loved racing up and down the Taconic teaching this cowboy a lesson ... but I drive a Corolla — And, that would have been unbecoming a reverend about to perform a marriage.

So I passed him again and instructed the minxes in the car not to look at him. But he kept pace with us ... speeding up and slowing down in unison so I couldn't pass or get behind.

That's when it started.

One arm disappeared out of its sleeve... then the other. "Jeep boy" slipped his shirt off over his head and flexed.. all while driving on the highway. Not even the hint of a swerve.

Maybe some women would feel insulted, or just freaked out... but me? I have never seen such successful multitasking from a man. Later on when the two girls were bickering over something stupid, I considered pulling over and kicking them out of the car... then driving off to find him, following the trail of discarded clothing.


Chrissie said...

Oh I love On the Road Flirtation!!!

Unless... you consider the time I was in the car alone, for four hours on the Garden State Parkway, and a pickup truck full of not-so-sexy men played the "speed up, slow down, stare game" the ENTIRE TIME.

I prefer the quick winks and waves. Although, the occasional shirt-off move might be nice too:)

Chuckles said...

I better start working out and practicing my one arm driving...

DJ lady said...

please tell me you immediately put "i'm too sexy" by right said fred on as you were doing this!!!