Tuesday, October 7, 2008

And at #5 ... Poughkeepsie!

Gather around my friends – I've come across some interesting, yet unsurprising, information. On a list of the LEAST SINGLE U.S. cities, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., ranked 5th In the country.

I should have seen this coming. There were clues out there. I tried to ignore the glittering of wedding rings at the bar that sparkle like little Christmas lights ... the joyous laughter of children playing outside on Sunday mornings while I'm trying to sleep off a hangover ... but here it is ... the list of "Least Single Cities:"

1: McAllen, TX
2: Lake County, IL
3: Nassau, NY
4: Edison, NJ
5: Poughkeepsie, NY
6: Bakersfield, CA
7: El Paso, TX
8: Allentown, PA-NJ
9: Salt Lake City, UT
10: Oxnard, CA


Sten said...

Don't worry, you lonely hearts out there – I've just been informed that there's a plethora of young singles in our neighboring towns of Hyde Park and Wappinger. Apparently you need only cross the border and your every desire will immediately be tended to by sexy, independently wealthy twins.

macgyver said...

go on...

Sten said...

Well, I guess all the hotties are in Wappinger ... do you know of any?

jake said...

it's about time we got the recognition we deserve here.

Anonymous said...

At least the singles in Hyde Park know how to cook?

Chrissie said...

i wouldn't be so sure of that anon... i was a single, in hyde park, and my "specialty" consisted of frozen veggie burgers on stale english muffins;)

E said...

someone tell me how poughkeepsie was ranked above salt lake city?! It seems as though salt lake specializes in marrying off their residents.

Sten said...

That's the problem - everyone in Poughkeepsie is married off. We have the 5th LOWEST percentage of single people. Slim pickn's.

Jared said...

I can't speak for wappinger but LOL Hyde Park.

Also, I'm pretty sure everyone in salt lake city gets married at 13 so being ahead of them is pretty brutal.

Gman said...

I found not one, but two single women in Poughkeepsie, and married them.

Consecutively, of course. Not concurrently. There's some of that in Salt Lake, but not in Po-town.