Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween is bringing "sexy" back

Let's talk about Halloween costumes.

I think there is something sad about just buying a packaged costume. Don't you love Halloween? Don't you want to indulge in a childhood fantasy ... or just feel transformed for a night with a concept you put some thought and effort into?

A few of us went to Columbia Costumes over the weekend to get ready for Halloween. (If you are ever bored, take a trip up there and just play for a little while. I highly recommend it.) Anyway, there is a big wall FILLED with "sexy costumes."
Come on now.
One was a "sexy pilot" with a stretch mini dress vaguely resembling Eskimo garb and a pair of goggles. You know what I think embodies a "sexy pilot?" Someone who can land a plane without killing all the passengers.
That's hot.
Call me crazy, but I prefer credentials to nice legs. That goes for vice presidents too ... but I digress.

What REALLY bothers me about the wall of carnal costumes is that they were all for women ... meaning they were all for men's visual stimulation. What about a little eye candy for the ladies? Don't we deserve to gape at scantily clad "cops" and "pirates." Isn't that our right as sexually repressed Americans? Be fair "Mr. Halloween costume designer." Have a heart.

Now, lack of bare-chested men aside, the worst part of the afternoon is when I asked a sales associate if he had anything that would work with a Jackie Kennedy costume. His reply was ..... "I don't know who that GUY is."
What? Did he really say that? Yes. Yes he did.
I tried to clarify .... "Wife of John F. Kennedy."
He maintained his confused expression.
"Sugar, he was a president. She was a first lady."
He pointed to a "sexy first lady" concoction that was blatantly ripping off Jackie.

So sad.


Dj Lady said...

The sexy costumes kinda bothers me too... but more so are the store bought costumes that people dont do anything to. i admit i bought a dress for my costume this year, and my idea is not very orginial.. but i am putting personal touches on it. and how sad is it that the youth of today dont know history. and jackie o. is a big time historical figure too. sad. very very sad.

Sten said...

Yeah ... this country is going to hell in a handbag. But it's not Chanel, that's for sure.

Chrissie said...

for what it's worth... i've heard on countless occasions that the female body is much nicer to look at than the male.

and while i don't necessarily agree (again, i've been told i like 'old fat guys' one too many times) i think there is some truth to the fact that a woman baring her mid section is sexy, while a man doing so is just plain creepy.

just picture that same "sexy" costume with a chest overflowing with hair... or a man who looks oh so sexy from the waist up, but whose legs look as if they were stolen from a chicken...

i think most men look better with clothes on... halloween is scary enough.

Sten said...

I think it is awesome when I guy is confident enough to show his stuff. I prefer a real man to a calendar model any day.

Header said...

I will say this, thought it's slightly off topic. I did buy a fantastic wig that day at Columbia, and the WIG gives me a sexy personality. It's my alter-ego. In the wig, I feel sexy and flirtatous. I've already done silly(er) things while wearing this wig. And I've only had it since Sunday... Why do costumes make us more daring? Is halloween just an excuse to be someone else for a night?

Sten said...

The wigs at that store are awesome. I had a great time just trying on a bunch.

E said...

"landing a plane. that is hot."
Sten, you are too much.

Sten said...

Go spend some time in a cockpit and get back to me ;)

Anonymous said...

Jackie Kennedy costume comes complete with a Marilyn Monroe costume you're friend can wear and then steal your man while you stand idly watching and tolerating it. Exploding JFK head not included.

Sten said...

Thanks Anon, where were you when I needed help at the store?

Colin said...

In defense of the sexy costumes, at least they're being somewhat creative. I can't tell you how many women I've seen walking the streets of DC on Halloween night who couldn't define their costume any further than the "sexy" part.

It's perfectly fine to be sexy, but they need to put some more thought into it, and it's okay if the average Joe out there doesn't necessarily get who you are supposed to be. I remember Sten going as Black Widow one year and everyone she ran into on the street tried to call her Cat Woman. None the less, it was a good costume.

That said, for every "sexy" costume I've seen here in DC, there is another that is sublime. I saw one guy dressed up as a DC Metro sign post which confused the hell out of some drunk people up in Adams Morgan. I think it's all a matter of the effort that YOU, the costume wearer puts into the whole thing that determines how good it is. Buying something from a store is alright, but if you put some time and work into your outfit, you can make some heads turn, sexy or not.

Colin said...

In addendum, here's something from the consumerist:


Sten said...

Oh yes, the Black Widow costume ... difficult to manage trips to the bathroom in that one.
The problem with superheroes that don't have movies out is that no one knows who they are.


There certainly is nothing wrong with being "sexy." I think most of us would encourage it. I was simply amused at how they took 100 occupations and designed boobilicious "costumes" for them.

Anonymous said...

anybody see the "Sexy Sidekick" costume? as if there weren't enough confusion about the Batman/Robin relationship.

Jon said...

Ooh, finally someone who thinks I'm sexy for nothing more than being able to land a plane...

Sten said...

You have to land it without killing everyone on board though.