Friday, October 17, 2008

Things SINGLE people do that drive ME crazy

1. Obsess over the same things over and over again.
I only know how annoying this is, because I used to do it. No amount of discussion is going to make his actions make sense. So STOP thinking about it (And definitely stop telling ME about it).

2. I find it annoying that single people are inherently more clever than I am. They have more time to "themselves" to think, go out, and experience new people and new things, which simply isn't fair.

3. The "Get a room" commentator.
It makes sense when two people are really going at it, pawing away and PDA-ing their way all about town. But if a couple shares a brief kiss goodbye in the company of others, it is NOT a reason to point out their actions and make them feel uncomfortable, THAT just looks like jealousy.

4. The wounded puppy friend.
You know the sort... the one who stops calling YOU once you find someone fabulous and then runs around telling everyone how you "ditched" them when you "found a man." So. Not. True.

5. The "Remember whens"
It's frustrating when your single friends act like you've gone to another planet rather than found someone to share your time (and bedroom) with. They should not constantly ask you "remember" what it was like to "be alone." Of course you do. All those bad dates, awkward phone conversations, and indecipherable text messages will haunt you forever.


Yuki said...

I dunno, number one happens with couples, too, albeit couples with some issues in need of being worked out.

What's funny to me about number three is the fact that my issue-laden girlfriend (she's got her man, but had so much trouble learning to communicate with the poor guy) is the one most likely to go "Eeeew, get a room!" if I should come anywhere near putting my lips on my significant other's lips.

Otherwise, I've never had single friends annoy me...until they come to me about this "cute boy in class...."

Sten said...

I really hate the "wounded friends" who really can't just be happy for you when you find some one.

It is equally annoying however, when friends COMPLETELY disappear when in a relationship. It is so important to maintain a life outside of your lover and still make time for your friends.