Thursday, October 2, 2008

Trials of dating part 1: Good dates make me stupid.

When I really like a guy I'm an idiot

I don't care if we've known each other for a while, or if I met you on the street that morning. If you're sitting across from me and it is a romantic situation, my knees are shaking under the table, I won't look you in the eye, I will spill and/or knock over everything in sight. Oh, and my voice will crack like a hyena going through puberty.

If I really like you I'll stare at your mouth wanting to kiss it. If we lock eyes I'll have to look away before my face becomes warm and my cheeks start to flush. In that moment I feel as if all my thoughts are printed on my face. Maybe I'll blurt out a stupid joke, hoping the decoy will buy me a second to compose myself. ... It's about as effective as throwing a donut at a cop in hot pursuit. It should work in theory, but is never as effective as I would like.

Of course ... this is if it's a good date.


Chrissie said...

Ahhh Sten! I hear you!!! I can remember only the "best" dates were the ones that made the most nervous.

But for me, it got easier the more bad dates I went on. With each disappointment, my expectations for a great time were lessened, and I think I loosened up because of it.

The bad dates made the good ones easier to spot, and even more enjoyable than they already were.

And although I don't blush or stutter, my smitten actions are well known through my circle of friends...

If I like you, I'm quiet. I'm "sweeter," than my normal self, and it's not a game or a ploy, I just clam up, my palms sweat, and I smile wayyyyyy too much:)

chrissynb said... the good dates.....Wish we could have more of them...I like the look of the blog now...Im reading it after ages...

Sten said...

Hey Chrissy, that's great to hear! And remember – we're always open to suggestions.