Thursday, November 13, 2008

Asking for it

So I was out with Sunshine and MacGyver ... eating like kings at the Palace , and somehow the conversation turns to:

If a girl is dressed like a slut, does that make it OK to grab/smack her butt, grope her ... etc.?

If the person is not a close friend or lover, I would consider it inappropriate. Unless she's wearing ridiculous booty-shorts that say "bite me", or a tight tee that reads "squeeze me." Then her clothes might be "asking for it."

Now, I am neither a prude, nor a feminist. (I rue the day women were expected to join the workforce). However, it just isn't polite to grab at people you don't know. It's assault. That's illegal. This blog officially does not condone anything illegal.

We do encourage reading the newspaper though...

Anyway. I'm a pig. When I'm out, I CONSTANTLY resist the urge to grab at a cute butt wearing tight pants. I don't pull on piercings that twinkle at me teasingly and hardly ever bite strangers' perfectly formed biceps. When I do fall to temptation I AT LEAST have the decency to pretend I know them ...

If people are out and about scantily clad, I take that as they would like to be noticed ... they don't mind you looking, they're kinda encouraging that. But for the love of America's Puritanical roots, keep your hands to yourself.


Anonymous said...

everyone loves to get their butt pinched, especially by a random person we don't know. we may initially react with indignation and disgust, but deep down everyone loves that little bit of reaffirmation: that our butt is still pinch-worthy.

however, grabbing, smacking and groping are excessive, obnoxious, and pretty much always over the line.

but a pinch... everyone loves a pinch.

so don't hold back sten. pinch away girl

Sten said...

I think I'd prefer a light pat over a pinch.

But really, I don't want random people pinching or patting me ... That sort of attention isn't really my shot of scotch. (But that won't stop me from dishing it out. I'm a proud hypocrite.)

I even stay away from low cut shirts cause I'm a busty girl ... I hope no one notices.

Wraith said...

my paternal grandfather was infamous for terrorizing any waitress foolish enough to put her bottom within range of his "smacking hand."

simpler times.

Sten said...

Why do I feel like it's almost endearing coming from a grandpa?

Anonymous said...

Don't think it's endearing at all. Do not touch me. Period. If I want you to touch me, I will let you know. At one point in time, it was considered a scandal for a woman to wear something that rose above her ankles. In some cultures woman cannot show their hair, others: their face. I don't care what they show, just don't think you have a right to touch someone!

Mohawk said...

my hair gets molested on a regular basis... i dont mind people touching it so long as they ask first. so there you have it. actually i was at a bar and a girl was annoyingly groping my hawk and i turn to her after 4 attempts and said "so i take it that its perfectly fine for me to just start grabbing your tits and ass because theyre out there and i want to touch them", she replies "yes, go for it" but technically i still asked

Sten said...

You should hide razor blades in your mohawk. That'll teach 'em.