Friday, November 7, 2008

Ms. Sensitivity

It has been pointed out quite a bit of late that I am not very sensitive. When someone says "Sten, you really are disturbing ... or how about a little compassion..." You know what I think to myself?


I'm sorry, it only makes me think that the person drawing this conclusion is OVERSENSITIVE, LAME, and TIGHT-A$$ED.

I try to make this as clear to them as possible... but unfortunately, they always think I'm joking.

A lot of my recent critics were set off by this year's Halloween costume. I was Jackie Kennedy the moment JFK was shot ... complete with blood splatter across my face. Do I think this is "appropriate?" No. That's why I did it.

Halloween should be about breaking out and being ridiculous. Maybe I'm just another middle child searching for attention, but I think this holiday is about playing dress up and getting reactions from the people around you. My only regret is that I didn't have a headless JFK prop to drag around behind me.

And I do have boundries. I didn't dress up as the Twin Towers with two little planes sticking out of my body, did I?? Maybe in another 20 years ...

Clearly our society acknowledges that there is a shelf life for tragedy. They cast Ben Afleck in a Pearl Harbor movie. You don't think the Arizona's sailors were rolling in their watery grave? Come on now.

I laugh in the face of horror and I get off on making people uncomfortable. So until the FCC puts a warning sticker on my silver tongue, either stay shivering on top of your self-righteous ivory pedestal or hop on down here and have a laugh.

At your expense of course.


Mohawk said...

I like to quote the famous line, "What?!?!... Too soon?" line whenever doing something socially inappropriate. It's almost as if its the , "naw im just playin" after a particularly harsh jab at someone.

Mohawk said...

P.S. i bet noone would bitch if you went as 'sexy' jackie-o

jake said...

Oh quite to the contrary . . . Despite the blood spatter, she was a sexy jackie-o. That's why it was so disturbing.

Sten said...

I don't know that there was anything sexy about my costume ... except the headless JFK did have a nice rump.

MaddSmalz said...

I loved it! I think it was very "YOU" and you did it well. I'm glad you do what you feel. You do what people are afraid of. "NOT CARE" Just being yourself is why we all love you!

E said...

The confused glances may have been that the party we went to was the day AFTER halloween... thus making the spectacle all the more amusing.
I can't wait to see what type of hilarity you come up for thanksgiving. Maybe bringing gifts of small pox infected blankets or liquor?

Anonymous said...

I saw the update on myspace when you posted the pictures. My first reaction was, "OMG! That is effing brilliant!"

Of course, I have told some of the worst jokes people have ever heard around here, so my sense of humor is pretty twisted.

But I digress. I agree, there's an eventual point in time when certain things that were tragedy become fair game. I think the emphasis that history places on such events tends to regulate it in our consciousnesses. For example, people may be disturbed at the JFK reference, but if you went as Duchess Sophie of Hohenberg in the same vein, people wouldn't raise a fuss. Mainly because no one but dorks like me pay that much attention to history, but also due to the fact that the time lapse between now and 1914 is so long.

That said, how odd is it that as I typed that last part, a song by Franz Ferdinand came on the radio?

Rachael said...

People need to get their heads removed from their rectums.

Though I enjoy horrifying that sort of person, I choose not to spend quality time around them.

Mario said...

"I can't wait to see what type of hilarity you come up for thanksgiving. Maybe bringing gifts of small pox infected blankets or liquor?"

That comment is pure genius.

Michael said...

I say to your critics "BAH!" I could not have been more pleased with the costumes in attendance.

Anonymous said...

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