Friday, November 14, 2008

A oldie, but a goodie

An EX and I used to share a place and bills. He was responsible for paying the phone bill while I was responsible for paying the electric, cable, cleaning the house, doing the laundry, keeping a smile on my face, and driving everywhere...

After coming home late, he accosted me at the front door, ***Verizon*** Letterhead in hand and asked, "WHO were you calling in YONKERS?"

ME: "What are you talking about?"

HIM: "There's an hour long phone call from here to Yonkers, and it seems like it happened late at night..."

And so I inspected the phone bill myself... carefully calculating the date and time, relating it to my life and plans and simply said.

"Wasn't that the night you decided to call your OLD GIRLFRIEND to 'catch up' ???"

Apparently, where he thought I was having a mobile love affair, he was caught red-handed having an over-long conversation with a girl who was long-over him.

Have you ever accused your SO of something, only to find you're the one at fault?

***confirmed: service provider was VERIZON. see comments for details***


Anonymous said...

Why would he have a Central Hudson Letter Head for a phone bill? Was it telegraph?

Sten said...

I don't let my cabana boy use the phone. Overseas is sooo expensive. I also keep him in a tamper-proof cage complete with video monitoring ... mostly because I like a little light TV before I go to sleep.

Before I was a violator of human right though ... if I started getting suspicious, I started walking. Except that time I was completely blindsided.... hmmm
If the trust is gone, I don't see a point in sticking around.

Chrissie said...

Definition of Letterhead:

1. The heading at the top of a sheet of letter paper, usually consisting of a name and an address.

2. Stationery imprinted with such a heading.

d said...


I think what anon was trying to say was that it didn't make sense that he was holding a Central Hudson bill, which is for electric and gas, and not a phone bill, such as Verizon or AT&T.

I think everyone still knew what you meant, anon was just trying to make the correction or a joke.

Sten said...

Thank you, D. ... oh master of clarification ;)

Chrissie said...

OH! Thanks D! I gotcha now... too bad anon's "clarification" was more confusing than my blunder;)

Anyway! I don't know who our telephone service provider was, so I'll leave it as is for now... however "ashamed" I am for my mistake.