Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The lens of love

It's funny how things from the past that once mattered so much simply don't anymore when you find someone worth spending the present with.

Arguments with old lovers seem trivial if at all memorable and the passion you once had can't be recalled on the clearest of days.

Because who you were then, is not who you are now.

Instead of looking at another through a kaleidoscope of transformations and disappointments, your lens is clear.

You see now for all its worth.

The past is only a forgotten memory of changing colors and shapes once reflected on broken glass through a tube too narrow for passage.

And while the array of colors and mirrors mimicked your own self doubt, they also promised an end full of luminance and light.

An end only seen...
through the lens of love.


Chrissie said...

Oddly enough, this post was the result of insomnia coupled with television.

Apparently there is a show called the XFactor, or something like that, where people are shacked up with their exes for the weekend while their new significant others look on through hidden cameras.

I imagined myself on that show... sharing a hotel room with any of my exes and I realized how utterly horrifying that would be.

Not because we're necessarily on "bad terms," but because I can't really see what I saw in any of them in the first place.

Comment and tell me if you've had a similar experience... where time made you second guess your past relationships/decisions.

Sten said...

There are a couple exes that I would LOVE to spend a night with in a hotel ... a little barbed wire, hydrochloric acid and sound proof walls would set the mood real nice.

aka the Ralph Man said...

Chrissie this post was really well written! All the light and perspective references and metaphors played really well... though i cant relate other than floating through the drift of disapointment and dirty women... I liked what you said an feel where your coming from... es good es good

Chrissie said...

thanks ralphie! i was re-working it and decided to just throw it up on the web as is... so the compliment makes me think i wasn't too hasty with the post!

hope your future brings you fewer disappointments... and more clean women:)

Yuki said...

Wow, really nice.

I don't really have exes, as I've only dated one man, and we're still together.

But if I had to spend two days with this one guy I had a crush on (it was something along the lines of an "it's complicated" relationship - neither of us really wanted one but there was a mutual spark) I think I'd probably end up going stark raving mad from the sheer awkwardness. We never had anything to talk about or any real chemistry.

Chrissie said...

ahh yuki! i've been there. i thought i was utterly smitten with this one guy, and we went out for lunch and there was NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT. we just sat there awkwardly smiling, it was terrible and strange considering i'm usually a chatterbox.

but i picture my "weekend with the exes" more awful than awkward silences... i'm with sten on the barbed wire;)