Thursday, January 22, 2009

I faked it every time

In one of the Naked Gun sequels Leslie Nielson says to Pricsilla Presley "I faked it every time."
Which I always thought was a funny thing for a man to say to a woman. I mean, guys can't really fake IT ... right?

Apparently I was wrong. Men can and do ... as I found out during the last guy's night.

Nasty fakers. I won't even use his nickname for this, I'm so appalled.

Faking is stupid. It is a horrible disservice to yourself and the person your with.
So I asked, "but why? why not just say it ain't gonna happen and go to sleep?"

"Because it was easier than saying "I'm not attracted to you and want to go home.'"

My goodness man. Why even go to bed with some one you aren't attracted to? Especially if you're a good-looking guy who hardly needs to settle. Nasty faker.

Not to mention, if you fake it often, the person is going to think they're doing a great job. You could be single-handedly promoting bad sex for every one. And that I will just not stand for.

So the next day, I asked another guy if he ever had ... and he said yes. (This "men faking thing" is more serious than I thought.) He explained that if he's with an insecure girl, she'll take it too personally if he doesn't finish ... doesn't want to hurt the chick's feelings.
But really, women should understand that men, like women, sometimes just enjoy the ride without any grand finales.


Jared said...

See I disagree with you there. Men have more of a reason to fake than women. Women can fake, not fake, whatever, egos may be bruised but the show will still go on. If men don't fake they actually have to stop and say "OK that's quite enough."

Chrissie said...

i think it's funny that "the show going on" has nothing to do with a woman's "final act" and that the deed is considered "finished" based solely on a man's enjoyment (or lack of it).

i think faking it promotes bad behavior. it's like telling your significant other that you LOVE their new haircut to make them feel better even though you hate it.

if you keep up that act you'll just end up with a SO with mullet who thinks they're pleasing you and nobody wants that.

Anonymous said...

men shouldn't fake. ever!

it's so obvious for women to know.

it's your scarlet letter of sex, men, and you just need to be honest, because women just know.

aka the Ralph Man said...

What's up with these dudes faking it? You gotta at least finish round one. An hey in round 2 or 3 it's alright tap out if your exhausted, faking it is totally weak though. I also don't believe I (or most other dudes) would make a good actor... LoL

Now a woman on the other hand might be alright I don't know. I've had women fake on me (I'm pretty sure anyway) an it can make for a good show an a turn on so I don't care. Also, the woman's fake can also be used as gracious way to end the rhomp like okay that was great now "Let's Wrap it up B" aka get off of me.

Anonymous said...

some guys just have no imagination.

'nuff said

Wraith said...

man i hate anna nicole smith

Anonymous said...

I came across an online article a while back on the subject of men having difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse. The research had been done in Japan. I've tried googling for the article, but it's very difficult to sort through the mess you get when using keywords associated with sex.

Anyway, the article blamed porn.

It seemed that the men who were part of the study all watched a lot of porn and -- shall we say -- took great pleasure in doing so. Specifically, the way in which they "handled" their enjoyment was far more vigorous than could be simulated during intercourse. The result was they had conditioned themselves to responding to sensations very different than what a man would normally experience during intercourse.

In other words, intercourse would no longer do it for them.

On a related note, I heard a podcast not too long ago where a sex therapist brought up the same subject. He too pointed to the frequent enjoyment of porn. Only, he said that current research speculates that men having difficulting reaching orgasm during intercourse have perhaps conditioned themselves to experience sexual activity as a primarily visual activity; whereas sex with a partner is a multisensoral activity, with the visual component far less than it is when enjoying porn.

The therapist went on to say that this is a recent phenomenon. Men presently in their 20's and early 30's have grown up with far easier access to porn than previous generations. In other words, they've had a chance to "condition" themselves during their sexual development in a way that older men were not able to.

Now, I'm not preaching against pornography; and I'm not saying, Sten, that your friends are all porn hounds who have screwed up their wiring. But, of course, even at a "guys night out" people don't usually bring up such things.

I just thought the above was worth contributing to the discussion.