Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year's kiss

What’s the big deal about New Year’s Eve?

New Year’s is just another one of those holidays created to make people feel bad about themselves … like Valentine’s Day … and April Fool’s Day.

I remember this one April Fool’s when my college roommates got Little People versions of themselves to occupy our house ... and they swapped out my clothes for a doll’s wardrobe and traded in my car for a Power Wheels ... all so I’d wake up thinking I’d become a giant over night. It was horrible. I didn’t even know there WAS a Corolla Power Wheels.
Then to make matters worse, when I grew wise to their scheme, I threw my back out leaning down to punch the closest wee person in their lying wee mouth.
It’s a terrible holiday. Terrible.

Now … New Year’s is really all fuss and pressure to do something cool, all leading up to an anticlimactic controlled disco ball drop behind a man who doesn’t age … which just makes you feel crappy about looking older.
And then there’s the whole crazy worldwide neurotic need to have someone kiss you at the stroke of midnight. It almost doesn’t matter whom … anyone, as long as you aren’t standing there alone.
Wee bit pathetic, don’t you think? Even more pointless than that Power Wheels Corolla.

OK, I’m not saying I hate the day entirely. I’ve had some really decent ones … and a few more I just don’t remember. So we’ll count them as winners. But, I never bought into the excitement OR the need for romance at the stroke of midnight … until this year.

Oh boy. Somehow I stumbled into a romance that has weathered through the last few blistery months – leading up to a New Year’s invite and a Midnight smooch. And I am smitten. The man makes me more loopy than champagne.

Throughout the party, I appeared my usual cool and social self, except I kept stealing glances at him across the room, looking lustily at those lips that I would get to kiss in just a few hours.

This is what the holiday does to people. Dopey stuff, I’m telling you.

When the hour finally came and I felt his arm go around me, I just melted against it. (Or was too drunk to stand on my own… that’s a tough call.) Everyone is yelling the count down and we leaned in for the kiss. It was exciting.

It was. And a bit toothy … because I was smiling too big to give him a proper smooch.

While all this is a serious affront to my jaded heart and fierce independence … for a couple moments I wasn’t worrying about anything, I just felt happy. Then in the morning (early afternoon), this same beautiful man made breakfast.

Now, while my fierce independence has kept me warm through a few New Year’s Eves… it has never gotten up and cooked for me the next day.

So, I don’t know. Maybe ringing in the New Year with some romance is just a good start. Maybe having that kiss is worth a little fuss.

Maybe a Power Wheels Corolla is just better on battery mileage.

What do you think?


Chrissie said...

if a kiss is followed by BREAKFAST than i think you're doing alright:)

Colin said...

I concur with Chrissie on this one.

And I think you were hitting on something in your post. New Years, unlike Valentine's Day, is the start of a new year, and if you can kick it off in the right way, it tends to set up a pretty good mood for the rest of the year.

Now, if he's a good man, he'll make biscuits for breakfast, and not the ones from a tube either.

Sten said...

Well, Valentine's Day really is the worst of them. Damn Hallmark.

Not every guy can make biscuits from scratch though, Colin.

Wraith said...

stuff and nonsense. the kiss is a load of over rated hyped up balderdash. don't misunderstand me. i'm all for kissing someone of the opposite sex, or the same sex. but do it whenever you want. not when tradition dictates.

or maybe these are merely the ramblings of an embittered lonely man.

stupid holidays.

Colin said...

Well, "scratch" is a relative term. "Teays Valley Biscuit Mix" is where it's at. Just add milk and follow the directions.

Not to derail the thread here, but were grits involved? I mean, it's true love if he makes you grits... especially cheese grits.

Sten said...

No self respecting stubborn Yankee snob eats grits.

And anyway ... true love would be a fried Red Sox jersey.

Sten said...

And Wraith, I do agree with you.

I am a bitter disgruntled woman. No one should get bent out of shape over securing a midnight kiss, that's just stupid.
... But if you happen to be next to some one you'd kiss any old time of day ... well it's a nice way to begin the year.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to throw it out there that 2 out of 3 odd couple writers has gotten engaged in the last six months, and I believe at least three readers, bri, Vanessa, Mr. Audi, have also gotten engaged. now ms. sten is kissing a boy on NYE? What is this blog doing to people?!!

Sten said...

Rest assured, Anon. The only jewelry that graces Miss Sten's left hand is brass knuckles.

Zee said...

I personally think oral sex at the stroke of midnight sends a, say, "bolder" message... but the kiss & breakfast combo is still a classic.