Friday, January 30, 2009

Recession Relations

In light of my not-so-inspired self and my not-so-full wallet I'd like to engage the cyber-world with an exchange of ideas.

After dropping 100 bucks on dinner for two and then realizing that that is a weeks worth of groceries for those very same people, I've decided to make a list of the perfect CHEAP DATES.

A list we can all turn to when "dinner and a movie" seems the only way out of the winter doldrums, but it pushes us farther and farther into debt.

Here it goes...

1. A winter hike
We live in a really beautiful area with a LOT of great hiking trails, some more easy than others and nothing makes you appreciate the warmth of staying in like being out in the cold for a few hours.

2. Crane Lake
@3.99 a bottle, this poverty-friendly wine will make any night feel like more of an occasion.

3. Themed movie nights
For some reason "movie night at home" is a lot more fun if you create a theme for the event. Watching The Godfather means drinking red wine and eating antipasto and if you prefer a romantic comedy finish it off with some champagne and a box of chocolates.

4. Game Night
This is best attempted as a "group date," and can include both board games and the more technological stuff courtesy of the Nintendo Wii.

5. Make a "fort"
Remember how much fun it was to "make a fort" out of your parents living room furniture when you were younger? You might be surprised how much fun this STILL is. Grab all the blankets and pillows you have and watch a movie in your new "love nest."

Your turn.

What other ways can you have a cheap date?


Anonymous said...

Awesome ideas! I needed those. Thanks!

aka the Ralph Man said...

I took an X illegally camping in my Elementary School playground once... she loved it. I'd even recommend something like a playground picnic or something

Colin said...

-Ice Skating. It's cheap (usually around $8 including skate rental) and if you're in luck, your partner can't skate for crap and will amuse you to no end

-Air Hockey tournament. Go to the local D&B or go-kart track and spend a whole $3.50 for a "best of 7" series. Just watch out for flying pucks from overzealous partners

-Watch a free inter-college hockey game. They may not be Alex Ovechkin (whom my fiancee LOVES) but the CIA's instructors and students used to put on a good hockey game against the folks from Marist, SUNY Newpaltz, and Vasser. I don't know if they still do, but you can always call up and ask.

- This one is a little late for this winter, but in the fall, Party Creations in Red Hook (it's a home-brew store) does an apple picking and cider pressing. If you participate, you not only get to get out in the fresh air and have some fun, but you get a few gallons of cider to take home with you to either drink as-is, or brew up into a nice batch of alcohol-y goodness!

To add to the winter hike suggestion for the Po-Town area folks. If you take the FDR house trail down towards the Hudson, there are miles upon miles of trails that lead from the CIA all the way to Rhinebeck. There are some pretty neat architectural ruins (old stone bridges, rail houses, etc) along the trails if you're into that sort of thing.

Chrissie said...

Nice ideas guys! Your idea sounds risky and original Ralphie, so I'm not surprised she had a good time;)

And your list is WAY better than mine Colin I love the ice skating idea, especially since I would be the person who would provide the laughs for sure:)