Thursday, February 5, 2009

Flicks that make you go smooch

What exactly is the PERFECT date movie?

I saw a preview on TV for that movie "He's Just Not That Into You," and it proclaimed itself to be the "Perfect Date Movie."

Maybe you want to change that name then, Cupid. It sounds like a movie a guy takes a girl he wants to dump.
"Just read the title babe. You can keep the popcorn."

So that got me thinking ... what is a good date movie? If a guy takes a girl to a chick flick, she pretty much has to put out. It's really only fair.
But men, be warned, by the end of the movie the main actor will be a sweet, sensitive, head-over-heels in love hunk of a man. That's a lot to compete with. Unless it's Ben Afleck. Gimme Casey any day.

But, if you're feeling lucky, let me know how "New In Town" is ... cause I certainly don't expect to see it.

My idea of a good romantic comedy is "Princess Bride", "Ghostbusters", or "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure." I want to actually laugh and have a spattering of romance.

You can go the scary route. Suspenseful music kicks in, you both get scared and cuddle closer... the girl's so cute, she hides her face in the guy's shoulder.
Until there's a gruesome entrails explosion and they both throw up gummy bears on each other.

But go ahead, take a chance on "The Unborn" or "Friday The 13th." If you dare ... wwwoooo.

Ones that have worked for me ... 28 Days Later, Alien, Cube ... something suspenseful that makes you think a bit too.

I think the best kind of date movie is something that will inspire hours of nonviolent conversation afterward. There are definitely are a few of those out right now, like Defiance, Doubt, Gran Torino, or Frost/Nixon.

What do you think?


Wraith said...

Grosse Point Blank

P.S. Casey Affleck sucks

Chrissie said...


But wait... Cube worked for you!?!

Sure, I enjoyed it, but I have a secret crush on David Hewlett which is also strange;)

Best date movie I've watched recently...

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist I watched the the other day and it's cute, but I also have a strange crush on Michael Cera...

Sten said...

I love Casey Affleck, Wraith, but I do agree on Grosse Point Blank.

Chrissie - yeah, I though Cube was kinda neat ... for a Canadian film ;).

Haven't seen Nick and Norah, but want to at some point.

veronica said...

I think that chick flicks suck! For the most part, anyway. I think I would be insulted if a guy tried to bring me to the kind of lame romantic comedy that is marketed toward women.

I'm not sure what the perfect date movie is, but I definitely think it should be something engaging that provokes interesting conversations.

I have to agree with you that horror movies aren't always the best idea, especially if the movie is simultaneously horribly made, gory and boring (*cough* Saw V *cough*...yeah didn't really expect that to be GOOD or anything but anyway...)

Well... if all else fails, there's always porn, right? :P

Sten said...

Watching porn with a guy could set up for some disappointment later...

sull said...


Being John Malkovich

True Romance


Children of Men

2001: A Space Odyssey

Natural Born Killers

American Beauty

Wizard of Oz (w/ dark side of the moon ;)

Sten said...

I had a boyfriend that made me sit down and watch True Romance (although, he had me at Christopher Walken).
He always said it was the most romantic movie he had ever seen. After seeing it, I understood why.

veronica said...

i was joking about the porn. ;)

rob said...

eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. funny, cute, interestingly weird, at times heart-wrenching and breathtaking... all in all a healthy dish of romance, one that both guys and girls will find palatable. imo. i LUUUVED that movie (give jim carrey a chance, chrissie;).

aka the Ralph Man said...

I like the Doors movie cause I've never met a girl who wasn't obsessed with Jim Morrison. Plus it's got the whole sensual soundtrack playing. When I turn down the lights, they forget it's just my boring ass sitting there. I've used this to many times what do you call it... re-dating or something??? Hahaha

aka the Ralph Man said...
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Colin said...

I enjoyed seeing "The Cutting Edge" with my girl. Just enough manly bits for the guys and just enough girlie stuff for the ladies.

Mohawk said...

save the movies for long after you have already been dating. why? because dates are supposed to be filled with attention distracting activities that enable you to have a conversation. ive never been able to go to a movie and find anything about the other person except where in the theater they like sitting the most.

wal mart is an awesome date. it has things to play around with as distractions and conversational segways, its in a public place, and it gives you a mission or goal.

yea it sounds stupid but dating with the intent of it being only a date places unneeded pressure on both involved to force conversation and be just plain awkward.

pick something that you want or need to do and ask them to tag along. Need your car fixed? ask them if they want to keep you company and then walk around the stores nearby chatting it up.

Random road trips are also excellent ways to chat it up. studies have shown that men converse better while driving. It may have something to do with not having to maintain eye contact with the other person. Gas up the car, take turns picking which roads to take and have at least some music playing at a whisper. P.S. sing when your favorite song comes up.

of course ive strayed away from the whole movie idea but thats because i really believe that going on a date and going to a movie is a total conflict of interest. you may as well meet at the theater and choose the films separately then meet afterwords to discuss what you saw... actually thats a damn good idea!

there you have it, choose separate films, then tell each other what happened over coffee or a drive afterwords!

Sten said...

You're forgetting some of the fun little things that can happen during the movie ... the jokes you make during ridiculous parts ... what your date's laugh sounds like, whether you look down at their hand and wish you were holding it.

Chuckles said...

I agree with mohawk, movies make poor dates in the beginning, but after a little while they make good conversation pieces for dinner afterwards.

Cuddling up in the comfort and privacy of your house can often lead to some things...

any movie will work as long as it isn't too heavy I think, like, reqeuim for a dream, or, henry portait of a serial killer.

Chrissie said...

i loved cube too sten, but to me there is a difference in a "good movie" and a good date movie.

i just watched that "zack and mira make a porno," and all i could think was what a terrible AWKWARD first date movie that would be... a little "romance" is fine to watch while you're getting to know one another, but the only conversation that might happen after watching that one is "do you like ________ sex?"

as for eternal sunshine rob, i gave him a chance with that one, and LUVVED it too:)

which brings me to a few more for the good date movie list...

Science of Sleep
The Wackness
Slumdog Millionaire
Eagle VS Shark

essentially ANYTHING that doesn't cast reese witherspoon...

Anonymous said...

what about the ro-co The Accused?

Sten said...

Yeah, that wouldn't be awkward at all...