Monday, February 9, 2009

Love on the playground

Looks like you have no excuses guys...

The art of picking up chicks now comes PINT SIZED.

Apparently a 9-year-old has written a manual for real men to live by entitled "How to talk to girls."

It started as a 3 dollar hand-written homework assignment and it has turned into a publishing companies latest dream, but I can't help but acknowledge how helpful this little guy's "to-do" list might be for those struggling with singularity.

Tips from the kid:

1. Be friendly.

2. Look clean.

3. Act normal — don't try to be too cool.

4. Don't act goofy.

5. Show off a skill — but don't be a showoff.

6. Give compliments.

7. Don't brag or else you will have to start all over.

It turns out you can learn the game of dating on the playground after all and it all seems so SIMPLE.

He encourages guys to "comb their hair" and "not wear sweatpants," (I LOVE THIS KID) proving that talking to girls is a lot easier than some guys argue.

But I have to wonder...

Does his recess-based relationship advice hold true in our grown up world?

Or are we determined to make things more complicated than a simple game of chase?


aka the Ralph Man said...

the little bastards right... as simple as it all seems I fail miserably in most these categories...

Sten said...

I've been tapping into the sage advice of elementary school kids for years now. Besides dating, they are financial whizzes.

Wraith said...

but i love sweatpants

Sten said...

You'll never pick up a 9-year-old dressed like that.

Chrissie said...

nooo!!! sweatpants are the worst!!! especially the ones that have the elastic that gathers around your ankles.

(although, i'll be the first to admit that the "comfort zone" of a relationship means more sweatpants and less make up).

Mohawk said...

how is it i can break all the rules and still be attractive?

*captcha - mandying

Colin said...

Mysteriously, this thread leaves out "don't pull their hair" and other such childish mischief. Soooo it's alright to pull a girl's hair if I like her, so long as I'm not a braggart?

I'd also like to point out that these rules make you a "nice guy" and nice guys don't get the girls past 3rd grade.

Jared said...

How hard is it for a 9 year old to talk to an adult woman? I've never seen one get shot down.

Sten said...

If they don't have a paper route, or a side job doing lawn work I'm not interested. There's nothing worse than a dead beat 9-year-old.

Mohawk said...

i think jared hits on a point here. i think the key to not getting shot down is taking a note from being a little kid. instead of hitting on the woman, just talk to her and dont give her anything to shoot down. timing is everything.

i think when we get older we get tunnel vision from having our eye on the prize.