Monday, March 30, 2009


We all know how fun flirting can be.

It boosts our egos, makes us feel sexy and wanted, and provides some harmless escapism in our day.

But what happens when flirting goes too far???

When we're single, the opportunities are endless. Flirting can be the beginning of a relationship or just some spontaneous conversation. But when we're in a relationship, the boundaries between right and wrong aren't quite so clear and each couple needs to set their own limits on how much flirting is too much.

Because no matter how smitten we may be with our significant other, the time will come where we still find another person attractive... or smart... or funny. And when we are faced with these people, it's hard to turn our flirtation-feelers off.

But where is the line drawn for flirting in relationships? Is the question one of how frequent the exchange, how R-Rated the conversation, or is it always the question of whether or not things become physical?

I usually find spontaneous flirting to be on the 'okay' list. Feel free to wink at your waitress but realize that your intent is what changes things.

Because it's only a matter of time before your repeated desire to continue a flirtation ends up in a relationship disaster.


Sten said...

Light flirting is really just "joking around" and there's nothing wrong with that. I agree it is all about intent, and not making yourself "appear available."

I think that you know you're happy and in a good relationship when your boy is the one you want to flirt with and wink at from across the room.

People become couples and forget how much fun it was to flirt with each other ... the innuendos, tickling, poking, making fun of each other is what got your attention to begin with ... why should it stop when you get the prize?

Digitalis said...

Agreed. A bit of harmless flirtation is great for the ego.