Tuesday, March 17, 2009

For the fans

There's an important relationship issue that we've yet to touch upon here at the Odd Couple.

The issue of domestic violence.

But in light of the most recent events surrounding celebrity couple Rihanna and Chris Brown, it's hard to ignore the fact that sometimes, people stay in relationships while the whole world is begging them not to.

Sure, people deserve to be forgiven for some things because no one is perfect.

But of all the "deal breakers" in relationships, violence is never one easily cast aside.

It's one thing to take back a man who flirts too much or one who even has a history of cheating.

But overcoming physical abuse is not something many think of as possible, and certainly not in the amount of time these two have spent apart.

When I put up with less than I deserve I often think of my younger sister. At 12 years old she surely looks up to me and I want to set a good example for her. I want her to know that some things are never okay.

But with this particular instance, I can only hope that in spite of how much she may love him, that Rihanna will think of all of those who will follow in her footsteps if she chooses to stay.

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