Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Going grey

It seems going grey is top of the list of things that make us feel old ... even if you're still in your 20's like I am.

I started dying my hair when I was 14 ... and pretty much tried everything but blue. About a year ago I was sick of the chameleon shenanigans and decided to go natural ... which unfortunately, by that point, turned out to be grey.


So, I'm back to dye jobs to cover up my tinsel head. But that's me — some one who's accustomed to beauty in a box. What about those who never experimented with their locks? Are guys less inclined to color their hair? Silver foxes certainly still seem to get their fair share of action, so why bother?

How much salt gets into your pepper before you take the plunge? Or do you leave it?


Anonymous said...

My best friend started going gray when he was 12. Though his gray dreadlocks are rather distinctive I couldn't do it myself and would probably hit the dye as soon as there were too many to pull out...

~Rev. Tom

Toughguy said...

personally, i'm a fan of the color. i'm pretty sure i won't freak when i cross that bridge.
as far as dying my hair to cover it? i've never dyed my hair. ever. i don't think i'll start for this.

P.S. there is some grey in my beard

Mario said...

Let me go on record as saying that premature grey in a woman can be very sexy. I've known at least a couple of women, one who at the time was in her late 20's with wisps of grey (and crows feet), and the other at the time in her early 30's who was completely salt and pepper. Both of them looked great.

How about that woman on "What Not To Wear," Stacy London? She's well into her 40's and putting grey highlights in her hair, instead of trying to dye the grey out. She's a complete fox.

Please, Sten -- get over it!

Mohawk said...

you know what would be totally awesome? grey jew curls

Chrissie said...

I've yet to find a gray hair on my head (for the record Ralphie, I prefer the "a" version of "grey";)

BUT if and when I do, I will probably attempt to cover it, not forever, but I think gray hair on a young woman can make her look older long before her time.

I know a guy in his 30s who dyes his hair, no one would ever know, but he started now while he just has a few wisps, rather than wait for the whole head to turn gray.

BUT I find gray hair on guys sexy... so maybe there are men out there who feel the same way about gray on a gal...

Sten said...

My problem is that I've been dying my hair for over a decade, so if I just leave it alone and let it all grow in, I'll only have grey roots. To look natural, I'd have to chop my hair.

Mohawk said...

oh i forgot, Storm looks sexy as hell with grey/white hair. now granted Halle Barre would look good if she was wearing a turd helmet with a licorice chin strap rolling around in powdered sugar... uh where was i?

anyways i wish i had grey hair. doesnt the color fade from grey hair fast anyways?