Monday, April 27, 2009

How much skin is too much?

People can gross you out with too much info about their sex life ... physical health, you name it. The same could be said about too big a glimpse at their flesh. In public. I'm not just talking about girlies showing midriff here ... I'm talking turn away and shudder, or lose your lunch.

While I was away on the Great Road Trip I saw an example of TMB (too much boob ... chick swimming in a sheer white t-shirt ... sans bra ... which maybe was hot, but I was both blinded by her headlights and so terrified of her nipples poking out my eyes I had to look away.)
And then there was TMC (too much crack ... middle aged mama sporting low-rise jeans perched in a bar stool ... and yeah, there was butt-to-chair-action, so much was hanging out. It was like a front row seat overlooking the San Andreas fault.)

Then I witnessed (with great amusement) a portly stand-up comedian reveal his next Halloween costume. Michael Phelps ... as in his ample frame shirtless and wedged into a speedo. Funny, yes ... but still .. that was a lot of flesh.

Does this kind off thing gross you out? How much skin is too much for public eyes? (outside of a beach of course...)


Cadence said...

Answer: It depends on two things:

1. quality of skin bared, regardless of quantity.
2. the attitude of the skinbarer. If you're playful and don't take yourself too seriously, you can carry off almost anything. If you're supermodel-aloof/sullen, you're just really annoying--even if you are an actual supermodel. If you're ditzy and oblivious, you may be nice eye candy, but you're also vomitously boring.

Sten said...

I'm all for eye-candy prancing around brightening up everyone's day ... but I don't care if baby got back, I don't need to see the crack.

Mohawk said...

I honestly think that everyone can reveal as much skin as they like, so long as theyre prepared to be laughed at all day.

The only thing that grosses me out is hair. Everything else makes me giggle and point, and sometimes exclaim "Holy Ship!".

I think this boils down to your gender though. Men are more visual when it comes to sexuality. We like to see it. I didnt mind the pool or the restaurant; it was funny, a little wow factor and a struggle for me to maintain my manners and not stare... too much.

i wasnt sexually aroused, but i couldnt look away.

Zee said...

I used to be real uptight about my body and even wear a shirt while I was swimming, but then I lost a lot of weight and realized my penis was pretty big and lost any inhibitions whatsoever. Now I feel clothes are an unfair constraint imposed on us by 'the man'. I take every opportunity I can to display my prodigious physical attributes to the world! If you come to my house I will begrudgingly put on a robe but there's no promise I'll close it!

Masculism09 said...

You have my word that at any comedy show that I perform in, I will never show that much of my skin. I have tried to persuade him against doing it and I really do hate having to take the mic from him immediately following that bit. If you are spending $10 on a show you deserve better nakedness than that. Personal experience speaking here....

Sten said...

Aw ... I don't mean to sound disapproving of the bit! It was funny, and I wouldn't tell him to stop. I was just using it as an example of excessive skin I'd seen recently.