Thursday, April 16, 2009

No stings attached

I often look at "fanatics" with a bit of amusement.

Their certainty, whether it be in their religion or what they feel is the "right path" to salvation, is entirely unrealistic and enviable. They have a faith that exists regardless of proof, regardless of lacking tangible evidence, and they are effortlessly without any doubt.

And if we evaluate the beginning of most romantic relationships we can see that same conviction.
As infatuation envelopes us and we begin to love, our doubts subside.

Because we think we're different.
We think this relationship is unlike all the rest.
Because this. is. it.

And then, something happens to change our certainty.
However small or grand the occurrence the result is the same. We begin to have doubts.

The first loose thread in an otherwise perfect relationship.

The doubt unravels our certainty.
Creating a small hole in the very fabric of our connection that only gets bigger with time.

Because our expectations are no longer in harmony with our experience.

And instead of being full of love and anticipation, we're reduced to a mess of loose strings.

Attached... to nothing.


Jared said...

Religion and love, just ways to keep ourselves from realizing we aren't special at all, amirite?

Chrissie said...

Agreed Jared. And that's what makes them such perfect topics for discussion.

We all want so badly to be different, but its in our weaknesses that our similarities are revealed I think.

Although... I sometimes have my doubts ;)