Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our gift

Gift giving usually comes without the need for compensation. It's meant to make the recipient happier, appreciative, and validated without any need for reciprocity.

But what if we consider that giving is a gift in itself?

In romantic relationships we give ourselves, our love, as a gift. And in that moment we drop our defenses and at once allow those we've bestowed with affection the opportunity to hurt us.

Because those gifts of giving love are wrapped tightly in vulnerability.
Once the paper has been torn, once the recipients hold our hearts in their hands, there is no amount of repackaging that could get them back to their original form.

And instead of just a "thank you" these offerings are received with an acknowledgment that our feelings are theirs to handle, however gently or roughly they decide.

But like any other gift, our expectations should not be for the return, but for the satisfaction of giving, at all.

An exchange of love for humanity.
Always, unrequited.

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