Monday, April 20, 2009

Road trip, part 1 "The Plan"

My dear friend, Chuckles has a great sideshow act built on charm, skills, props and just enough "crazy" to pull it all together.
A little over a month ago, he packed his worldly possessions up in his car, scoffed at life (the way most of us live it) and hit the road to perform his act across the country.

God did I envy him just a little bit.

What if you could just say "screw it all?" Leave the old 9-5er job behind and see what's out there? I wanted just a little taste of that ... so I planned a road trip to intercept him in a city I've always wanted to see ... New Orleans.

The plan:
1) Head to Nashville, making random stops on the way.
2) After resting in "Music City," continue to Birmingham Ala.
3) Get out of Mississippi as soon as possible, make way to New Orleans.
4) Find Chuckles.
5) Drive straight back to Poughkeepsie to get to work on time.

The cohorts:
1) My boyfriend, Toughguy, the muscle in case we get into trouble.
2) Mohawk, the entertainment to keep spirits up during the long trek.
3) Squeeky, the common sense so we don't die.
4) Me, Untiring long distance driver, and owner of road trip vehicle.

Antacids. Southern and Creole food can be rough on our sensitive northern stomachs.
Deodorant. It's warmer in the South ... and it's a long ride in a small car.
Ear plugs. We all snore.
Nose plugs. We all fart.
North/South dictionary. None of use speak Southern fluently.
Cross and bible. Disguise ... just in case.


Sten said...

Have you ever gone on a big road trip? What about spent 24 straight hours with your boy/girlfriend in a car?

aka the Ralph Man said...
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Mohawk said...

Funny thing you ask... I have done both and would recommend it to everyone. It really tests how good of a couple you are and even better test of friendship.

Sten said...

I agree ... it is a test I think couples should do with in the first two months of dating. If you can make it through that, everything else is cake.

rob said...

i once drove to miami from pok (24hrs on the nose), and then back from the second farthest key (which was an additional 3hrs).

i did that once... and then i promised myself i would never drive anywhere ever again if i couldn't arrive there on the same day i left.

and then i drove to raleigh a few times... after which i promised myself i would never drive anywhere if i couldn't get there on one tank of gas.

and then recently i drove to boston... after which i promised myself i would get my pilot's license so that i would never have to drive more than 3 hours to anywhere ever again.