Thursday, April 2, 2009

You're Just Not That Into HIM

I sometimes think women spend too much time stressing over how much the new guy in their life "likes them."

They immediately wonder when he doesn't call back how invested in the relationship he is.

They spend time obsessing about why he "disappeared after one perfect date!"

And they consider all the things they may have said to turn him off.

But the reality of the situation is that they are focusing on HIS FEELINGS rather than THEIR OWN.

So the next time a gal is sipping her martini and wondering why he hasn't called her back, perhaps she should consider if she wants to be with a man WHO IS RUDE. A man who ISN'T BRAVE ENOUGH TO BE HONEST or CAPABLE OF HANDLING A SITUATION LIKE AN ADULT.

Maybe if we spent more time going after what we want instead of just being satisfied with him wanting us then we'll be grateful when Mr. Almost-Good-Enough blows us off.

Because with every unexplained dismissal he is doing us a favor by showing the kind of man he is.

Exactly the kind, we don't want in our lives... at all.


Chrissie said...

Do you think women (or men actually) spend too much time worrying about why someone isn't into them instead of focusing on what IS important, how invested they are in the relationship?

Mohawk said...

Yes. Men and Women both should never invest that much into a date. They shouldnt even be wondering if they want to be with a man thats rude like you said as it entertains the idea that its important that the person is rude.

I think that we should see things for what they are devoid of expectations. It lets us appreciate what was and stop factoring in what could be.

If you go on an awesome date with someone, then see it for what it was. An awesome date. Regardless of if it went anywhere further you had a great time. Why does anything have to lead to more? if you walk down a beautiful path filled with animals that eat from your hand, colorful flora and a blue sky backdrop beaming with sunlight... would you really get pissed and ruin the walk when the path comes to an end?

Que sera sera.