Friday, May 1, 2009

Delete confirmation

If you’ve read any piece of writing geared at how to mend your broken heart post-breakup, there is one steadfast rule you will repeatedly find.


You’re supposed to say goodbye to your former love and practice a life of no contact because it's impossible to get over him/her if they are still igniting all 5 of your senses.

And I’m sure, many, many years ago, NC wasn’t that hard for most people. It meant not answering the phone and hoping no one would show up on your doorstep with flowers and yet another, “I’m sorry.”

But what are the brokenhearted supposed to do now that technology has made NC so much more difficult?

You can’t just leave the land-line off the hook anymore.

Now you have to delete their number from your phone, call up Verizon and ask that they block all incoming text messages, delete them on Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, change the privacy settings on your blog so they can no longer send apologetic comments for the world to see and you’ll have to ask your Gmail account to kindly move their textual advances into the TRASH, please.

And then… After a magnum of wine and a glance at your relationship scrapbook you’ll have to TRUST YOURSELF not to call them. Or Facebook them. Or Myspace, email, twitter, blogg-er, AIM them.

Instead of just taking the phone off the hook and locking the front door, you’ll have to remove yourself from the technological triggers that turn a normal, confident person into a blubbering mess of shorthand confined to 140 characters or less.

Because it’s hard enough to forget a former love, but their status updates make it harder still.


Chrissie said...

Have YOU ever found yourself in contact with someone you should have deleted long ago?

Mohawk said...

you live and you learn. i make it a point to remind myself, "ex's are ex's for a reason". it helps me not get sucked into being blind sided and puts things in perspective again.

i actually try and maintain some level of contact so i can not only move on, but learn my lesson and make it stick.