Friday, May 8, 2009

Top 10 Reasons He’s Not The Guy For You

(According to Chrissie Lynn)

1. He’s too jealous.
I’m not talking about the guy who doesn’t want you flirting shamelessly with everyone in the room. I’m talking about the guy who is jealous of your lasting friendships, your time spent away from him, or how much you love your job. If he can’t be happy to see YOU happy, then he’s just not the one.

2. He flirts with your friends.
If he’s new to the social circle and no one from the outside can tell who he’s actually with, then he’s not yours either.

3. He won’t commit… in public
If he’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde depending on the company, then don’t believe anything he says to you privately. While some guys aren’t too fond of PDAs, if he’s pretending you're “just buddies” when his are around, he’s not taking your relationship seriously.

4. He thinks you’re someone you’re not.
Whether he thinks you’re a crazy sex goddess or a virtuous virgin, giving him the wrong idea early could set the two of you up for disaster in the future. The right guy wants to see who you really are, not how well you fit his idea of perfection.

5. He’s not proud of you.
If you strive for success only to be met with indifference when you accomplish something you’ve fought hard for, then kick him to the curb. The right guy wants to see you succeed and wants to motivate you, he’s not more interested in what’s for dinner than what your goals are.

6. He disappears when things aren’t perfect.
Sure, it’s easier to run away when things aren’t going well, but you want a guy who will be there in the great and the not-so-great times. If he’s MIA with his cell phone turned off every time there’s a problem, then he’s showing you how little you can rely on him.

7. He insults other women.
If he thinks she’s a “ho” and she’s a “b*tch” and he hasn’t talked to his own mother in 20 years, then run far, far away. His relationships with other women indicate the kind of partner he is, and will be in the future. If he wants a personal maid or plaything, he’s not the guy for you.

8. He’s “never really been single.”
If his past is a string of quick, monogamous relationships that never went anywhere, find out WHY. Maybe those women were put off when they realized he was so easy to please, ANY WOMAN could do it.

9. He's too much your opposite.
If you need constant snuggles and he's Mr. Aloof, it's only a matter of time before one of you feels overwhelmed or neglected.

10. He's the guy you've dated "off and on for years."
If he's the guy for you, he's not the guy you've left repeatedly. Bad habits are hard to break and men can be no different.


Sten said...

#5 i a good one. If he/she isn't supportive and encouraging, get rid of 'em.

Dj Lady said...

wow chrissie- you just listed basically every aspect of my just recently ended relationship.. thank you. and the last point- he has moved on to a 22 yr old (he is 35)