Friday, May 22, 2009

What to do for HER birthday

With the entirety of the Odd Couple celebrating birthdays next week, it's only natural that we discuss some ways to woo your woman on her special day.

1. Give her a reason to dress up.
While you don't need to lay a new gown out on the bed for her to put on, it's always nice to have a reason to skip the jeans and put on something a little sexier. So take her somewhere you've never been before, preferably a place that is a little more glamorous.

2. Homemade greetings rather than Hallmark has-beens.
Sure, you'll "love her forever" and want her to "enjoy her special day" but creating your own little note will bring a bigger smile to her face than ol' Hallmark any day.

3. Take her where SHE wants to go.
For me, this means an amusement park, where I can bring in the big 2-7 while on a roller coaster or at the tippy top of a ferris wheel. But it's different for every woman, so don't assume she wants something unless you ASK HER first.

Men: What have YOU done for your lady's birthday in the past that went over really well (or not so much;)

And ladies: What were some of the best/worst birthdays you've celebrated???


Mohawk said...

Ahh ell the last birthday i planned for a woman went awesome.

First i went out and bought lots of beer, deli meat and bread. I made sure to leave a complete mess in the kitchen for her to clean, women love having a purpose.

After she was done with the mess i had her make me a sandwich and bring me a beer, to fulfill her motherly instincts.

To top the day off i let her use the remote to flip between my favorite television shows! This by far was the best because it helped her realize just how little her brain actually comprehends, especially with things like technology and concepts being talked about on the television.

Sten said...

I'd respond to your comment, but you used so many big words I can't really understand it.

Mohawk said...

Awww how cute, thats ok. We can talk about kitties, jewelery or shopping if you like :)

Sten said...

Oh, I know that stuff! It's all great for birthdays!