Monday, May 11, 2009

Growing up

I wanted to be a single mom.


Growing up, I didn't play "house" the way normal little girls did.

While they cooked meals in their plastic kitchens waiting for their husbands to return home with monopoly money, I raised a Popple and a Nosey Bear all by myself.

My little girl dreams were that one day I'd be a mom at the very same time my sister would be a mom and we'd raise those kids together, without men at all.

I dreamt that we'd live together in an extra large raised ranch and that somehow we'd share the same name. We'd be "Sis and Sis" and change our last name to "Burtingain" simply because it sounded good.

And looking back, I realize my dreams for adulthood never fit the standard plan.

Married by 26.
Kids by 28.
Finished by 30?

At the time you could say my alternative plans were based on childhood immaturity. We didn't have any brother's to play the "man of the house," and neither my sister nor myself wanted to don a fake mustache and pretend to be "Dad."

But regardless of our reasons, now it seems that those little girl dreams were wise beyond their years.

Perhaps it was the "finished by 30" thing that terrified me into fantasies of single-motherhood and raising popples rather than real children.

Or maybe it was an all-too-early realization that you can't really count on anyone to be there besides yourself.

And maybe your family
However out-of-the-ordinary they can sometimes seem.

Because I knew no matter how many furry-big-nosed babies I'd pop(ple) out, my sister would be there to help me.

There was no Mr. and Mrs.

Just Sis and Sis.

What were YOUR little-kid dreams?


Digitalis said...

I knew, without a doubt, that I would be Robin Hood when I grew up. The Disney version - so I'd be a cartoon fox...

Chrissie said...

NICE! I love that!

I watched the commercial for my babies, "The Popples" last night and have to say... they're nearly as cute as human children. And MUCH, MUCH, quieter. :P