Wednesday, June 17, 2009

5 things

... that amuse me

1. Adults who use "Facebook Friend Deletion" as a means of showing people they're upset with them.

2. Exes who change so immensely after your breakup you hardly recognize them.

3. People who admit to voting for George W. Bush... twice.

4. Those who feel the anonymity of the Internet gives them the clearance to wish death, suicide, and jail-sex upon complete strangers.

5. Women who think there are reasons "he cheated" beyond the idea that he's just "A JERK."

What amuses YOU?


E said...

people that call me a " good girl" and think it's a compliment even though I'm a thirty year old woman. They might as well just pat me on the head.

Sten said...

I really think cheating is often brought on by deeper unresolved issues in a relationship - not that it's excusable.

I'm always amused by people who embody a stereotype rather trying to prove it wrong.

Mohawk said...

internet tough guys who threaten Violence And use GIgaNtic AmountS of ignorance are hilarious. not that they're scary... they just AMUSE ME

also the usage of capital letters, when properly placed, make me lol irl

inside jokes give me a good chuckle.

people who see the world and its components in black and white instead of shades of gray make me laugh as well

Chrissie said...

oh... and when people actually say "don't sweat the small stuff!"

wait, that doesn't amuse me, it infuriates me.

cj said...

lol funny!!
I think its funny when skinny girls wear those pant that say "juicy" on there butts