Monday, June 15, 2009

Nobody likes a bully

Know what nobody likes?

A bully.

Some one who is so insecure, that in order to feel good about themselves they have to put others down. Like a lame elephant trying to stomp on a mouse that terrifies it, even though the elephant knows it's too big to be terrified by a mouse. So it feels stupid.

Stupid elephants.

When you work with a stupid elephant, it creates some serious added stress to your job. Especially if you're the kinda mouse that has a bit of a temper ... such that it equates to walking around with a virtual flame thrower attached to your little mouse tail that is triggered when stepped on.

The elephant may end up blistered, but the mouse is a rodent pancake. And no amount of maple syrup is gonna make that OK.

No one wins.
Unless you like roasted peanuts.


Sten said...

How do you deal with bullies?

D. said...

Soak the bullies with your urine filled water gun and then outrun them on your bitching pedal tricycle.

I learned everything I know about social interaction from The Boy Who Could Fly. :)

Sten said...

I do have a sweet tricycle.