Thursday, July 9, 2009

Man Hunt VS Job Hunt

The one dating game which always seems to work is playing "hard to get." Sometimes it takes longer than usual and sometimes by the time you get what you thought you wanted, it's too late and the urge has passed.

There are rules about how often to call (never more than twice if you don't receive a response, and if you're REALLY desperate you can send ONE text message but after that it's out of your hands).

In the world of searching for a job however, I've come to find out that the rules which apply to dating DO NOT APPLY to finding a job.

The following, is an in depth comparison of the two searches.

MAN HUNT: If he's not necessarily "perfect," but you think he's worth a damn, go for it anyway.
JOB HUNT: If the job does not utilize any of your skills, and you don't think you'd be happy doing it, going on the interview will only make you uncomfortable.

MAN HUNT: If you're always the one calling, maybe he's not interested.
JOB HUNT: If you don't call every day and bicker, no one will read your resume.

MAN HUNT: If your friends think he's cute, he is cute.
JOB HUNT: If all your friends work at the same place, you might not only need a job, but you may need new friends.

MAN HUNT: Hard to get always gets the prize.
JOB HUNT: Hard to get works at the Olive Garden for life.

MAN HUNT: Show your cleavage.
JOB HUNT: Don't show your cleavage, ever. Show your smarts.

MAN HUNT: If you don't "settle" in some capacity, you'll be alone forever.
JOB HUNT: If you settle for what's easy, you will work at the Olive Garden for life.

MAN HUNT: Pretty girl gets the guy, persistent girl becomes known as "desperate."
JOB HUNT: Pretty girl gets married and has 2 kids, persistent girl gets her own office with a view.

MAN HUNT: Did I mention the thing about cleavage?
JOB HUNT: Cleavage + job interview = sexual harassment.

All in all, being single taught me that men like women who don't necessarily need them but women who want them.

And as a post-grad I think I've learned only one thing for sure... employers like employees who make bad girlfriends.

(Originally posted Tuesday, September 05, 2006 on Chrissie's Myspace Blog)

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