Tuesday, July 7, 2009

No more Mr. Nice Guy

"He's just so NICE!"

That's how she described her otherwise inexplicable crush.


After years of chasing after the bad boys and pining over a few oedipal messes, she'd changed her tune.

No longer did she find a bad attitude, flippant nature, or mysterious disappearances attractive.

Now, she liked nice.

And nice, as it turned out.
Was married.

It seemed he'd finished first after all.


Chrissie said...

judging from the women i know... it seems we reach a certain age where we're suddenly attracted to the NICE GUYS, only it seems to be too late, because they're already taken.

what do you think...

do nice guys really finish last?

Sten said...

In my old age I'm not so much looking for a "nice guy" so much as a "good man."
Our idea of a nice guy is usually something of a door mat, while a good man is someone who has integrity and will treat his girl well.

Chrissie said...

ah! "nice guy" is never synonymous with door mat in my book...

i have other, more non-blog-friendly ways to describe that sort of guy.