Monday, August 24, 2009

If I knew then...

What I know Now.

We all have those moments when we look back at our former selves with utter disbelief and quite possibly, total embarrassment.

Because it seems that nothing in life can bring clarity quite as honestly as the passing of time.

Here's a tribute to those former moments, to a former self, who didn't know any better.

THEN: He's cute
NOW: He's trouble

THEN: Love hurts
NOW: True love only stings, sometimes.

THEN: Free shots?! I'll take ten!
NOW: No, thank you. I'd rather enjoy tomorrow than ruin it with a hangover.

THEN: 8th Grade broken hearts can't be mended
NOW: 8th Grade hearts can't really be broken

THEN: He's the one
NOW: He's no one worth mentioning

THEN: Life should be easy if you're doing what is right
NOW: Life is never easy, but that doesn't mean it isn't enjoyable

What have you learned in time, that you wish you'd known in the past?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Swarm theory

"A single ant or bee isn't smart, but their colonies are."


So let me get this straight... single isn't smart?

That idea explains a lot.

It explains why some women seem more eager to get married as they witness their friends coupled up and awaiting all eternity together.
It explains why we want what they have, regardless of whether or not we wanted it before.
And it also explains why my summer '09 can be summed up with two words.


I turned 27 and suddenly each and every weekend was spent either planning a bridal shower, purchasing a wedding gift, or drowning myself in martinis afterward.

Not to say I don't enjoy the idea of my close friends being so happy.
So smitten with someone that the word "forever" no longer makes them turn in fear, but instead makes them embrace it wholeheartedly.

But as the bows are taped tightly to a paper plate and then worn haphazardly upon their heads (because, you know... that's what women do at bridal showers) I couldn't help but stare at the shiny diamond on my left hand and wonder why.

Why we do it... now.
I don't question the validity of these unions, the love in their eyes is obvious, the romance of it all is sometimes enough for even me to tear up with emotion.

But, I also know we get married because that's what comes next.

And I can't help but wonder why...
Why we swarm to a life, so much like the others around us.
Why we're not "whole" until someone defines us that way with a shiny rock on our finger.
Why we're not happy... until our heads are adorned with taffeta and tissue paper... too heavy with generosity.

Tipping over from the weight of it all.
As reality sets in.
Our uniqueness cast in shades of white and ivory.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Goodbyes and new beginnings

Yet another odd couple blogger has moved on, and I'd like to use this post to wish Sten a formal goodbye and good luck.

As the solo-blogger left behind, it's obvious that some changes need to be implemented for this blog to continue and to move in a slightly new direction.

Rest assured, there will still be posts about why never to get married and why first dates are both glorious and gut wrenching.

But it no longer seems that there are "two women with two different points of view."

Now, it's just me and you. The readers.

Surely, there will still be debate and hot topics, buttons pushed, and quite possibly feelings hurt (mine) when a certain post seems too real, or hits a little too close to home.

But the world of relationships (both romantic and otherwise) is full of excitement and change, which this blog will continue to illustrate.

No longer "The Odd Couple," it's just me, the Odd One Out.

A gal who fits the norm on the outside, but whose conflicts are usually internal.

A 20-something who sees her peers following in each other's footsteps, from fun to families in the blink of an eye.

A person, admittedly terrified of becoming ordinary.

POST COMING UP: "Swarm Theory - Single Isn't Smart"