Monday, September 14, 2009

17 Again

It seems I turned 27 and suddenly look 17.

I've been ID'd so many times in the last few weeks that I'm convinced I'm getting younger rather than older as time passes.

I was ID'd 3 times at the same wedding.
And I've been ID'd for alcohol... every single time I try to purchase.

But the day I questioned the eyesight of those in charge was the day I got ID'd for ENTRY TO THE MALL where patrons must be 18-years-old in order to shop their allowances away.

While it is sometimes flattering, my issue comes with the obvious lack of respect some people seem to have for us "kids." They assume that since we're young, we lack the experience necessary to be treated like human beings.

For example...

This passed weekend I was poked fun of at a comedy club for not being "old enough to remember when TVs didn't have remotes or what it was like to change the channel with a wrench."

Sure, I might not be old enough, but I was certainly POOR enough to know.

My early 20's were spent with a TV older than my parents because that was all I could afford.

Forget not having a remote, my gem of an entertainment center was so archaic that the volume-down button TURNED THE TELEVISION OFF.

As someone who has supported herself for nearly a decade, purchased her own college education (and base model Chevy Cobalt) I'd like to be treated like an adult while I'm out in the world because I don't ask for hand outs and no one pays my rent but me.

Of course that's a lot to explain to the store clerks or mall cops.

And so at this point in my life I'm almost looking forward to the day I'll have a wrinkle or two.

Because at least by then my tiny, dry lines will be the only proof I'll need in order to gain a little respect.

And the ID can finally stay at home.


Mario said...

I think there are a lot of women out there reading your post and thinking to themselves, "I should have such problems."

I have a friend, a guy, age 35, who whenever we go out he gets proofed. I joke that it's okay, he's my son.

I know it must irk you, but I can't help but think how much I'd like to read the post you write the first time a guy just a few years younger than you addresses you as "Ma'am." I remember the first time I got "Sir" from a young lady not quite 10 years my junior. Ouch!

Chrissie said...

mario, i see where you're coming from.

it's not that my problem is with "looking young" necessarily, but the subsequent lack of respect that seems unavoidable.

like the store clerk who just stares, it would be nice if instead there was a "i'm going to have to ID you, as you look young," rather than the toe-tapping "are you kidding me?" face i usually get.

and i'm sure, in a few years i'll be cursing those wrinkles and blogging about that instead.


Louise | said...

Oh gosh, that is so wrong. You're not someone below 5 feet, right? My friends who are pretty small are often mistaken for minors. Though they're not at all pissed about it. :D