Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Balancing act

There comes a time in every relationship where the lines of our individuality blend too softly with the perimeter of "us."

It's a time when our daily adventures and day-to-day mis-adventures are no longer solo acts, but instead a balancing act, where we put our relationship "above all else." It takes precedence over our family and friendly relationships, sometimes our careers or at times our plans for further education.

It seems that as the relationship becomes more serious, the risks of letting the other person down become greater.
And so we climb the ladder together until we have no fear of falling whatsoever.

And yet, as we climb together, always relying on our partner's strength rather than our own... we run the risk of wearing them out. Eventually, our dual expectancies will become so commonplace that all we can see in our future is the places we've already been... together.

Because instead of strengthening our bond, we simply wear it out with too much familiarity.

The balance between togetherness and time apart becomes a tight rope act.
Stretched between the past and the future.
Stretched between two people, who can't help but fall if they find nothing else to hold onto.

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