Thursday, September 17, 2009

Open door policy

When I was a little kid, I was a master at holding a grudge.

If my older sister stole my dessert or got me in trouble, I could spend days on end not talking to her as a result.

I'd mope and be dramatic, hoping that she'd realize the error of her ways and never do it again.

But, all these years later, I realize I wasn't aiding her in admitting fault...

My silence only helped her find me more irritating.

And so, it should be no surprise that the teasing didn't cease, and the desserts still came up missing.

Because all my drama-queen actions taught my older sister, was that I wasn't that likable after all.

My stubbornness distanced us time and time again, building a wall between us until only quiet remained.

Looking back, I wish I'd thought to share my frustration with her so things would have been different.

And instead of finding ourselves standing on opposite ends of a vastly quiet expanse...

Perhaps we would have simply been on opposite sides of an already open door.


Chrissie said...

what's your experience with stubbornness? and how do you deal with it now, as an adult?

Louise | said...

I myself am quite stubborn, actually.:D But I know the limitations. I do the same thing you do to your sister, only I do it to anyone who pissed me off...
I just need to get over that.