Monday, November 9, 2009

Growing up means shutting up

I haven't posted much on this blog for two reasons.

1. I'm very busy.
2. I'm afraid EVERY TOPIC I want to write about will end up ticking someone off.

I recently realized that the fact that I'm sensitive to the idea all of a sudden, doesn't say anything about my friends or family suddenly being less understanding or open minded.

It has to do with the fact that suddenly I'm more aware of how my words might upset them.

There was a time when I thought the word "crass" was a compliment.
When hearing people declare that "Chrissie will say whatever she wants without apology," was something that I could be proud of.

And maybe I'm just getting old... but suddenly, being crass isn't on my list of aspirations anymore.
And being sensitive is no longer a "weakness" but something I'm glad to feel from time to time.

So here's a post, minus the post, because if nothing else... I'm growing up.

What made YOU realize, you'd changed?


aka the Ralph Man said...

I don't worry so much about hurting other peoples feelings with what I say as I get older. But, more about just how damn sensitive everyone else is to what you say... an it's like... do I really wanna deal with the repercussions of what I say for the next year? Are they gonna whine about it everytime i see them? are they gonna set out to prove me wrong? are they gonna hold a silent grudge? make stuff up and talk crap about me behind my back?

Cause that's really what people do these days if you don't lie to them and tell them their awesome. Even if your trying to help someone if you hurt their feelings you'll have to eat crap for it at least one year.

But yes I agree growing up means shutting up. I don't talk to people much at all anymore.

♥yeeling♥ said...

I love your blog..
keep updating, ok?

and take care yea ^^

Print Brochures said...

I realized that I was growing up when I started thinking that the kids' music nowadays are plain stupid. I started digging up old songs from when I was in elementary school, or even songs back in the Beatles era. Darn, I'm old. >_>

Serenity Sacs said...