Monday, November 30, 2009

Ten Things I've always THOUGHT

...But Never Actually SAID

1. I don't like striped sweaters or t-shirts on men.

2. I've spent my whole life 10 lbs shy of my ideal weight.

3. I'll probably never cut more than 6 inches off my super-long hair.

4. One bowl of cereal is usually just not enough.

5. I don't like facial hair, aside from a 5 o'clock shadow.

6. I force myself to sleep late on the weekends just because I can.

7. I think I'm better looking at "almost-30" than I was at "almost-20."

8. I don't miss a single thing about high school.

9. I finally understand why people "get married for the health benefits."

10. My biological clock has yet to begin ticking.

What has your inner monologue been saying lately that you've never shared?

1 comment:

Louise | said...

Oh goodness... I have a lot! And most of them are too profane and violent to even type, hahaha!
Seriously... I can be a total douche bag in my head. :D