Monday, December 7, 2009

That Girl

The kind of women that give other women a bad name...

1. The Liars
I'm talking, pathological. The type of girl who tells stories about being attacked or mugged when it never happened. All of that crying wolf makes our real-life tragedies harder to believe.

2. The "Other" Women
Sure, she may love him, but she should love herself (and other women) enough to tell him no until he's actually single.

3. The Hypocrite
The girl who hates you for sharing her secrets (regardless of your intentions) in spite of the fact that she not only told people yours, but she told the very people who may never forget.

4. The Eternal Child
No one wants to date the 20-something girl who still asks mommy and daddy for money for her toiletries. This one gives other women a bad name by refusing to support herself during her single years because men are afraid she just wants THEM to support her when her parents are finally finished.

5. The Drama Queen
She spies, she lies, and she conjures up excitement because her life is oh-so-boring without it.

6. The Psycho
Guys LOVE to call women "psycho" every time they suspect cheating or feel neglected. But the REAL psycho girls (who ALWAYS feel neglected and ALWAYS think their partners are cheating) make it very difficult for normal girls under stress to live this insult down.

7. The Facebook-Friend-Deleter
She's the girl who gets mad at you, but never actually confronts you. Instead, she decides to delete you from her online friends list as some sort of modern day defiance. Unfortunately you will never know what you did in order to ask for forgiveness and she just looks pathetic in the process.

8. The Entitled Chick
You know the one... it's the girl who thinks you OWE her because she is after all, still breathing.

9. The TMI-Twit-Her
No one wants to be around the girl who tweets her bowel movements and basal cell temperature. Her unrated tales are hard to follow (at least without a lil' bit of bile in your mouth).

10. The Blog-Her
The girl who uses her public blog as a means of outing all of her least favorite people without actually having to use their names. She's also the one who disses guys after first dates, tells you your man is probably cheating and asks you to forgive hers for doing it all in the same post.

What type of girl do you think sets the rest of us back a few decades?


Chrissie Williams said...

the best part about "that girl" is that we've all probably been her from time to time...

Masculism09 said...

The FEMI-NAZI- The girl who believes that all men are evil oppressors who want to lock a woman into cooking, cleaning and caring for the kids.


The 50's WIFE- The girl who believes that it is a man's responsibility to go out and make money while she stays at home and cooks, cleans and cares for the children.

Chrissie Williams said...

good ones masculism09! i think i could have easily made my list much longer :)

Masculism09 said...

Well sure. But as a fellow blogger I know that there's only so much you can attack at one time. Anf while I may never have been "that GIRL" at any point, I have certainly met the whole list.

Louise | said...

So in which category do you girls fit in? LOL
The 7th one is very pathetic. Though I know a GUY who did that.
Love the 10th one and Masculism's suggestions! Haha~

V said...

What about that girl who hates on ALL other girls simply because they are 'girls'?? I prefer to work together and help other women... we've been through enough already without having to worry about chicks who cant stand to see women moving up in any area of their lives. Not cool