Thursday, December 17, 2009

Top 10 Reasons Not to Marry HIM

1. He drinks too much.
If you find yourself making excuses for the frequency of his "guys nights" or give him ultimatums before every event with an open bar, it may be time to reconsider.

2. He made you wait, and wait, and wait.
If he dated you for a decade and then some before popping the question, chances are he was still looking for "the one." Instead of finding her, he decided to propose to "the womb" instead.

3. He's your polar opposite.
Sure, opposites attract, but that does n't mean they should get married. Sooner or later his yin will begin to bother your yang. A gal can only take so many ballroom dancing lessons while her man is playing Wii before she finds a better suited partner.

4. He's your EX boyfriend as well as your CURRENT boyfriend.
If your relationship history is as rocky as the ice cream with which you sooth your break up wounds, then it may be time to reconsider. Breaking up is hard to do, but getting back together afterward is the easy way of dealing with it. You can't meet someone great if you're holding on to someone who isn't.

5. He has mommy issues.
Whether mommy made his bed until 38 or mommy left at 13, it has always been true that you can judge a man by the way he treats his mother. If they don't speak, determine WHY before he is giving YOU the silent treatment.

6. He calls other women bad names.
If his nickname for his boss starts with a B and ends with an itch and he thinks all women are gold diggers, take some more time before becoming his permanent verbal punching bag.

7. He is mean to your cat.
Mr. Whiskers is important to you, small, and sometimes spills milk or makes a mess of his 'potty.' If your man can't handle that without yelling, rolling his eyes, or making YOU clean up the mess by yourself, then just think of how he'll be with the little HUMAN additions to your family who put Mr. Whisker's bad traits to shame.

8. He hates your friends.
You. Will. Need. Your. Friends. (Especially while you're married). If he hates them now, and makes excuses as to why they're not good enough for you, then watch out. Before you know it all of his opinions will blend with your own and you just might lose yourself (and your friends) in exchange for a marriage with him (and only that).

9. He cheated on you before.
The idea 'once a cheater, always a cheater,' might not always ring true. But you can almost guarantee that if he cheated ON YOU before, it was evidence of a lack of respect for your relationship. What's to prevent him from doing it again?

10. Your friends hate him.
We will all always have one or two friends who think "no one is good enough" for us. But if ALL of the people who care about us wish we'd find someone better, it might be time to give the relationship a once over. Because while no one is "good enough for Daddy's little girl," that doesn't mean we don't deserve someone GOOD for us at all.


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so I guess Chuck Schumer is out

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