Thursday, January 21, 2010

I do

The things I don't miss about dating, and a few things I do...


1. The mixed signals.
He says he is just wants something casual, but he still calls everyday (in the afternoon).

2. The game of check mate.
Dinner was great, but who has to pay?

3. Feeling crazy.
Asking yourself if you're sending too many text messages feels crazy, even when it's OK.


1. Flip flops.
It's amazing what our hearts/stomachs can do when the person we are falling for enters the room.

2. Spices.
Variety can be nice-- and never boring.

3. Falling
The in love part is nice, but the descent is something to remember.

What do you or don't you miss?

1 comment:

Chrissie Williams said...

forgive the phone-it-in post... life is too complicated to write about right now. sometimes you need a little distance to put things in perspective.