Wednesday, February 3, 2010


One of the greatest things about having a MUCH younger sibling is that you get to bestow your wisdom upon them while they're young and impressionable, but with enough of an age-gap, to make a real difference.

The things I tell my 13-year-old sister...

1. Few marry their 8th grade boyfriends
(And those that do, usually regret their lack of experience;)

2. It all changes when you get your license

3. Good guys like real girls
(Not plastic, plumped up, surgical Barbie dolls).

4. Don't date boys with goatees
(There's something about the 14 year old boy with facial hair that just screams BAD NEWS).

5. I hope you think I'm still cool in 5 years
(It's true... I'm not looking forward to the day you get older, and I just get old).

What advice do you have for your siblings that you wish someone had warned you about?

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Los Angeles Printing Service said...

I really wish I had an older sister to tell me these things. Now I do what a good sibling should and tell my lil bro what to do and what not to. But I sure wish there was someone who told me not to do them when I was his age.