Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A greater power

Sometimes, little things happen that make us stop and think before we react (or overreact).

Call it fate, call it coincidence, call it a greater power.

Regardless, of what you call it sometimes I'm simply grateful for it, at all, whatever it may be.

Like when...

1. In an attempt to lose 10lbs before Memorial Day, I decide to not bring lunch to work at all, and instead head to the vending machine STARVING at 1:30 only to find my only dollar is TOO CRUMPLED for the cupcakes I covet. Thus, a diet coke in quarters instead.

2. When I'm about to send a nasty email and Firefox crashes.

3. When I attempt to call people out on their immaturity and drama via telephone, only to realize I left my cell charging at home, safe from my wrath.

4. When heated arguments online end in typos from my "enemy."

5. When I want to cancel plans and it snows for three days so I don't have to make up an excuse.

6. When people I don't like get their haircut, and I see the exact style on "Worst Ways To Wear Your Hair Dot Com."

7. When I want to wear my yoga pants to work, but decide on the khakis instead, only to find that they are covered in coffee stains and thus- I must change before leaving the house (into yoga pants of course).

8. When someone passes me on a double yellow, only for me to later pass THEM pulled over on the side of the road talking to at State Trooper.

9. When I order a salad and the restaurant is out of dressing forcing me to eat Plan B: Burger and fries instead.

10. ______________.

When was the last time your friend Karma came to say hello?

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