Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mother's Way

I want to be a mom.

Not in the harvesting babies sort of way, but in the taking care of everyone sort of way.

I want to have a purse full of chocolates for the bad days and Tylenol for the painful ones.

I want to pack lunches with little notes and cut peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with a heart shaped cookie cutter.

I want to bake brownies for everyone in the office and brew fresh coffee for their 3:30 slump.

I want to be the saint who cleans the company microwave so everyone can enjoy its waves without filth. (Consider this blog entry an official "Thank You!" to whomever does that here.)

I want to drop by my friends houses with homemade meals when they're too busy to make them, wrapped in perfect one-time use containers, and carried in a picnic basket for them to keep.

I want to send cards for every holiday, promotion, or celebration that occurs in the lives around me, early rather than late.

And I want to do it all without the need for thanks.

Because I think that is what being a "Real Mom" is all about.

It's about doing all of these nice things for people with only their smiles as a acknowledgment.

And while I may not be ready for the official "Mom" title quite yet.

I still want to be like her...

That person who fills her purse with smiles and never seems to notice the lack of cold hard cash found inside.


Jared said...

April fools?

Chrissie Williams said...

april fools? not exactly.

more of a tribute to moms out there given that whole hallmark-holiday and all :P