Monday, March 29, 2010

Bar babes

Long ago I argued that you can't meet a nice guy in a bar and then I went off and got engaged to one.

Yes, they exist.
Nice guys... IN THE BAR.

Guys who understand why you didn't want them to pick you up at your house the first time you hung out, guys who promised "Not to wait 3 days," before they called, guys who laughed when you said, "Don't, I won't remember you in 3 days."

Good guys.

But, looking back, I realized there are a few rules that need to be followed if you hope to weed out the good from the bad and eventually take home the relationship prize from a bar instead of just an emotional hang over.

Things like...

1. Timing counts
This means, consider yourself Cinderella and leave that bar by midnight. Otherwise, you'll find yourself doing shots with the regulars while all the good guys have gone home to rest up before calling the girl they just met in the AM.

2. Inhibit your inhibitions
This means, keep your drinking to a minimum and your flirtation only to a maximum. After a glass of wine and a giggle you're doing fine, add a few shots and a slip on the dance floor, and you're a joke instead.

3. Trust your instincts
When your mind is telling you know (regardless of what the rest of you is doing) TRUST YOUR INTUITION! Our gut is our best friend when it comes to dating successfully, chances are if he seems slimy... he is.

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