Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Benefits and doubt

What do Sandra Bulluck, Elin Nordegren, your cousin, mother, and best friend have in common?

Oh! That's it! A cheating man!

Some argue that they can't help it, that it's in a man's nature to want to frolic in the grass with as many ladies as he can because he simply can't help himself.

And yet others now play the addiction card...

(Yes, David Duchovny, I mean you, oh and you Tiger Woods, and YOU former husband of Halle Barry).

They get caught cheating and instead of sleeping on the couch and begging for forgiveness, they say they're addicted, that it's a disease they need help for and they spend their sleepless nights at rehab instead.

And with months or years of therapy, they kick their habit, they recommit to their wives and claim they've healed.

But sometimes all it takes is a beautiful woman to make most of them relapse.

Just like an addict that can't enter the liquor store without salivating, t
hey're powerless in the face of a new partner...

But is there truth in the addictive powers of cheating?

Or are we giving these guys benefits where there once was only doubt?

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Christina said...

I strongly believe that when you love someone, you respect them. And when you respect someone you simply do not do things to hurt them.

People do not 'accidentally' fall naked on top of other people nor is there a strange phsychological illness that makes people toss fidelity out the window.

People cheat because they are weak, selfish, and cowardly.

That is my personal opinion.

I've never cheated, or been cheated on (I was single for the better part of my teen/early twnties) but even I cold grasp the concept that if I actually "loved" this person I wouldnt be seeking out other interests.