Thursday, April 15, 2010

Baby talk

Last year, it was all weddings and white dresses.

My, how quickly things change.

It seems that suddenly my circle of friends will be welcoming BABIES into the equation.

No more Martinis + Expletives = Fun.

Instead, we will be oo-ing and ah-ing over baby bits, nibbling on tiny toes instead of tapas and declining that second mimosa in favor of "just OJ" in its place.

And where I once thought I'd be mortified at the idea of BABIES DURING BRUNCH I've suddenly warmed up to the idea.

We will have something new to obsess about rather than our wedding plans or old flames. We will likely get together earlier, allowing for more PRIME TIME TV and hours of sleep that alluded us in our early 20's.

Midnight will become THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT rather than the beginning and we will all finally have someone to talk about in a good way.

"Did you hear about Emily?"
"NO! What's she up to?!"
"Oh my god I had NO IDEA!"

And so along with my fast-er metabolism and wrinkle-free face, I say goodbye to our old way of celebrating womanhood and welcome the new.

Because nothing will make us feel more empowered than realizing that our bodies are capable of housing tiny human beings, little people who finally prove we're all grown up.


Vanessa said...

Love it. I feel like this time in our lives is much more joyful than our "partying, single and lovin' it" phases.

Chrissie Williams said...

thanks vanessa!

and while i think this time in our lives is great and different, i don't know if i'm ready to choose a "better time" quite yet...

i just enjoy the variety, and realizing that friendships can grow with us sometimes is a comforting thing.

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