Thursday, May 13, 2010

The end of an era

Things I will miss about Mahoney's if THIS actually happens.

1. The "everybody knows your name" feeling when you arrive.

2. The pink shots served in the crunch-able shot glasses. (Perfect for emulating a comic "punch" sound with a swift almost-hit to the face).

3. Dancing with Emmett on St. Paddy's Day.

4. Borrowing jackets from the bouncers.

5. Running into everyone you ever went to DCC with or worked with in a restaurant or went to high school with (and liked).

6. Using the handi-cap bathroom when all the 21-year-olds wait in line for the other.

7. Sitting on the very bar stool where you met your fiance.

8. Spilling beer, dropping glasses, and no one even noticing.

9. Wearing a sweatshirt and sneakers on Thursday night and heels on Saturday.

10. Living the stories you'll never tell your kids (or your parents) no matter how much time goes by.

Comment and tell me if you'll miss your "20-something-hangout" or if you can't wait to see it go.


Anonymous said...

I will miss....(i do miss)
1. piecing the night together.....over a mcmac meal
2. sliiiiding to the car
3. "Hey thats my cats name"
4. skateboarding in the parking lot with....wait who was that with?
5. Jus tone mondays
6. dancing on Dublin

Chrissie Williams said...


(i think that was a homeless person that you skatboarded with... or the russian)?

there will be a follow-up of "things we won't miss," so be sure to chime in on that one, "anonymous."


Jennifer said...

I have something to add to your post, "anonymous"..

8. Doing the crab

Although, I'm sure that could be included in "everything" :)j