Monday, August 16, 2010

Date Night

Whenever a long term relationship veers from passion into the comfort stage, the remedy is often "date night."

Couples decide that one night a week, they will get all dressed up like they used to, enjoy a date on the town like they used to, and consequently hope to feel, like they used to.

For some couples, Friday nights are spent in pajamas long before 8 o'clock and there is a palpable longing to feel "new" again, in search of a spark that shone its brightest in those first few dates.

But sparks are meant to fade, their beauty is in their quickness, because without their transience they lose their very meaning.

And rather than celebrate a time that's passed, and long for it...

Perhaps we could find contentment in comfort, in ordinary life.

Accepting that a spark is a means to an end, an end that is late night TV, pajamas after work, and a real relationship, one without glamour and constant excitement.

And so instead of trying to go back in time, we could appreciate the spark's incandescence from a distance, a place without it, but a place where we're not alone.

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