Wednesday, November 24, 2010


In honor of Thanksgiving, I toyed with the idea of writing about the struggles that arise during the holidays, the question of with whom to spend time, the struggle of affording a dinner more lavish than most.

But oddly enough, while the list of complaints began to fester, I suddenly became overcome with a separate list, rearing its uncommon head.

Of things I am actually thankful for.

-For the fact her cancer was stage one.
-For authors so talented their descriptions say things our world never could.
-For meeting my favorite author and seeing his scribbled name "with love" on the inside cover of the book I've nearly memorized.
-For my husband.
-For the word husband and all it entails.
-For feeling healthy now.
-For a wedding with our parents, still married, his and mine.
-For NPR
-For streaming Netflix
-For pumpkin pie. With whipped cream.
-For leftovers
-For blog traffic that soars when I do what I love
-For jeans that are really leggings.

And of course...

For the comments section.

Your turn.


Christina said...

I'm thankful for all the rights I have now.. and to all the people who fought (sometimes losing their lives) to ensure that I'd have them.

I plan on fighting for my/and everyone elses children in the same way.

Chrissie Williams said...

great comment christina, i think that's something too many people forget!