Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mrs. Peter Pan

(cue Peter Pan's "i won't grow up" song NOW)


Seriously. I have.

I thought with the departure of two odd blog writers, the conversion to a just-me based conversation, and becoming a married woman indicated it was time to possibly retire this blog.

But a quick look through the drafts section proves me wrong. I know it's been months since I wrote a thing, and there was a medical emergency hiatus in the months of September through December where I failed to write, but when I re-emerged with relationship questions/advice plenty of readers were there to comment and encourage a come back.

Only after realizing I have little interest in writing about all things homemaker did I acknowledge how badly I missed the "me" who wrote for this blog. The "me" with a voice far too brassy for elegant conversation, the me who wears 4 inch platform heels rather than an apron.

AND SO: I'm back. At least... I think maybe. (cue Justin Timberlake or... maybe not.)

What I need is some help from you readers. Comment below and tell me your favorite posts, what you miss, and what topics you want to hear about. I want to think of this as a transition rather than an end...

Of course, no one wants to be the last to leave the party...

But if my memory serves me correct, leaving first means you miss all the fun.


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